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We can manage the full project lifecycle, from concept to completion. Click the expand icon on the right to get more information about a specific service.

A Project Brief is a document which outlines a summary of the project scope. It highlights all the key benefits, milestones and any other requirements. While there isn’t any one ‘right’ way to develop a brief, our strategic approach sets your project up for success right from start. We consider the purpose, background of the project need, the objectives and success criteria, budget opportunities, delivery methodologies, risk management and more.

The Design phase involves coordination of a number of specialised consultants engaged to turn the project concept into technical drawings and specifications. 

The tender process lays the foundation for the entire project – a clearly defined scope and contractual expectations is critical for a project’s success. This process includes compiling comprehensive tender brief documentation, qualifying suitable tenderers, assessing their tender submissions and issuing comprehensive contracts to the successful tenderer(s).

Project controls are the processes for measuring project status, forecasting outcomes, and carrying out corrective action to improve performance. Our systems are optimised to provide timely insights that empower stakeholders to make the right decisions at the right time. 

Project planning is all about choosing and designing effective methodologies to attain the project objectives. This goes hand in hand with scheduling, which is the process of assigning tasks to get them completed within an estimated budget and timeframe. We use specialised tools to ensure the requirements of all stakeholders are met.

Quality assurance is the planned and systematic activities implemeneted in a quality system so that quality requirements for the project are fulfilled. Most often, our approach involves a ‘Quality Management Plan’ which can include upfront testing, specific metrics, inspection methodologies and process checklists to effectively manage continuous quality assurance – it’s more efficient to frequancy adjust than to redo at the end of the project.

Managing project risk refers to the steps taken to identify, analyse and address problems or issues that might arise during a project. This is important because an unaddressed risk can throw a project off track, or even stop it all together. Our approach typically involes a ‘Risk Management Plan’ whereby risks are identified and mitigation measures put in place from the beginning.

Independent Certification is the assessment to which specified requirements pertaining to a project have been met. This may include matters such as completion of key milstones, variation costs, extentions of time, defect rectification or financier representation. Verification involves evaluating whether certain aspects of a project complies with regulations, requirements, specifications or an imposed condition. 

The end of the construction stage is important, as a good handover procedure can drastically lower the risk of handover and ongoing issues. Our process typically involves testing and commissioning, defect management and compliance reporting.

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Basic Supervision

Simple supervisory service including periodic inspections, basic status reporting and general contract administration.


On top of basic supervision, superintendency includes administering contractual obligations fairly including progress claim certification, variations and time extensions, defect inspections and client liason.

Client-side Project Manager

Full client representation and supervision to ensure the project meets time, cost and quality objectives. This role typically includes all services and regular site attendance.

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