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More than 90% of today’s major projects face schedule cost overruns or delays. Our project recovery service is designed to integrate with a owners’ project team when a project is at risk or is already facing challenges.

While every project is different, most distressed-project-turn-arounds will fall into one of 3 diagnoses needing corrective procedures, depending on the project requirements: 

The project or program has not failed, but there are early signs that it is on the verge of failure. Reporting delays, disputed scope, sliding milestones, budget creep, vendors ceasing communication, governance issues, and restless stakeholders are examples of these.

There are problems that you must find and resolve as soon as possible. Continued delays, budget blowout, reduced visibility of vendor activity, increased staff turnover, teams working excessive hours, and contract scope documents under examination are all potential triggers for remediation.

The program or project has failed or is about to fail. A project needing recovery is characterised by a lack of confidence and difficult decisions start being made. Commencing a rapid recovery has a significant effect on the projects value retention and ability to fulfil business objectives.

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