What Is An Owner’s Representative?



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What Is An Owners Representative?

A construction project has many different roles, each with different responsibilities and objectives, working toward the same goal. Many of these roles are carried out by the Builder who is contracted to physically do the work. However, on the opposite side of the Contract is the Asset Owner or Client. On the ‘Client-side’ is a role known as the Owner’s Representative, who is essentially a consultant for Asset Owners with specialised experience in managing construction projects of any size or complexity. 

In this article, we delve into the role of an Owner’s Representative, discussing what their day-to-day responsibilities look like, and benefits of employing one. 

The Role of an Owner’s Representative

The Role of An Owner's Representative

An Owner’s Representative is responsible for representing the project owner’s interests during every stage of a construction project. This individual acts as an extension of the client, overseeing all project-related activities on the owner’s behalf, and ensuring that they align with their vision and objectives. They utilise their expertise to help push the project towards the owner’s goals and necessitates a deep understanding of contractual agreements, regulatory requirements, and risk management strategies. 

Examples of tasks for this role might include: 

  • Frequent site presence on the owner’s behalf, monitoring progress and verifying delivery  
  • Communicating with stakeholders, such as the builder, design team, regulatory bodies or financial institutions 
  • Controlling the project financials 
  • Implementing proactive risk management 

Overall; the tasks ensure that the project meets the objectives to time, cost and quality. 

Is An Owner's Representative the Same as a Client-Side Project Manager?

This is a common question – a Client-Side Project Manager and an Owner’s Representative are essentially the same role. Both titles refer to a professional who represents the interests of the project owner or client throughout the construction process. Other titles might be ‘Owners Project Manager (OPM)’, ‘Owners Agent’. 

This role is not to be confused with that of a Contractor-Side Project Manager or Site Manager, who are employed by the Builder and have different responsibilities and obligations. 

The Benefits Brought by an Owners Representative

Like having a lawyer, an Owner’s Representative acts as a liaison between the project owner whom they directly represent, and everybody else involved in the project. They are specialists whom you consult, taking charge and guiding you through each phase of the project, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the project which you are more suited for and likely to excel. 

Another significant benefit of hiring an Owner’s Representative is the assurance of higher quality work through early defect detection. These experts possess a keen eye for identifying potential issues well before they escalate into costly problems through meticulous oversight and regular quality checks. Additionally, their extensive network of contacts in the industry allows for easier access to quality subcontractors or suppliers. By anticipating defects and risks early and providing tailored solutions, they save the Client time and money.  

While some bigger organisations may have their own in-house Owner’s Representative or Client-Side Project Manager, outsourcing this role to specialised firms often provide a better ROI, as Clients can tap into construction experts without the expense of hiring and training full-time staff. 

To dive deep into the specific benefits this role entails, we recommend you read our article on Client-Side Project Management. 

Using an Owner’s Representative for Capital Projects

If you’re carrying out a Capital Works project, your objective will be to deliver a quality build, on time and on budget. If you don’t have in-house capacity with specialised expertise, hiring someone who does will provide an ROI beyond the cost of that consultant. 

This is where the value of an Owner’s Representative (AKA a Client-Side Project Manager) becomes indispensable to ensuring your project’s success. 

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